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Rally: Iteration Burndown not showing remaining task effort consistently within a team in Rally


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CA Agile Central SaaS (Rally)


The iteration burndown chart is not showing consistent information.

This is the burndown from the Report section:

This is the burndown from the iteration status (charts) section in Rally, which is what we would expect to see:

Could you please help me understand what's causing the difference on the Reports tab burndown for the 7/31 date?


Release : SAAS



The timezone was changed for that Workspace on 7/31.  This caused the report to calculate incorrectly.

The timezone change would have happened at the Workspace level and would be seen in the Workspace revision history.

Our reports and our UI use slightly different code to come up with the output and our Reports don't handle a timezone change very well.   The Time Zone change doesn't (as seen above) affect our regular UI chart.