Error: "Virtual Service failed to be deployed, already deployed?" using Eclipse Plug-in and v3 API


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Unable to add RR pairs to VSM created through Workstation from the Eclipse Plugin for DevTest. 
Get this error

Unable to work with models created through the Workstation in Eclipse. Can only add/modify VSM in Eclipse if the VSM service was created through Eclipse plug-in.

Same error occurs when doing same function with V3 API from Swagger:



Release : 10.5

Component : CA Service Virtualization


There were a lot of discrepancies in this Project.

The Project was of type V2 and the folder structure of the VS was according to the V1 project. (You can see this be opening the lisa.project file with Notepad.)

VSMs are having a mix and match of V1 and V2 compatible VSM files.

After changing a VSM to reflect being in a V2 Project, any update Virtual Services operations from V3 API, Eclipse Plugin are working fine.


This is a V1 Project:

This is a V2 Project:

Note the folder name of where the virtual services reside.

Needed to update all the VSMs from /VServices/ to /VirtualServices/.

Then redeploy the VSMs.

Additional Information

This is to fix the v3 API and Eclipse Plug-in.