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LiveUpdate Administrator login is failing for Active Directory users


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Endpoint Protection


As of LUA (LiveUpdate Administrator) 2.3.8, you may add AD (Active Directory) servers and users to LUA configuration but such users may experience failures logging in:

Error logging in

Invalid username or password


Possible causes: The AD Server BaseDN is not configured correctly in LUA, or the AD Server requires signed LDAP or LDAPS connections.


In LUA AD server configuration, enter the BaseDN as the FQDN for domain name, e.g. ""

Ensure the correct LDAP port is entered. LUA currently supports only simple LDAP binds. If the AD Server's policy requires secure signed LDAP or LDAPS connections, it cannot be used for LUA user logins. Adding support for signed LDAP or LDAPS will require changes in LUA UI, backend, and DB layer and cannot be done by configuration changes. Addition of signed LDAP/LDAPS support can be expected in future versions of LUA.