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Does Compress exploit Data Lake processes and data collection during compress functions?


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Compress Data Compression for MVS


Utilizing Data Lakes for my raw data. How can we use Compress to exploit the data compression processes?


z/OS 2.2 and above

Compress 5.5 and above


Compress only intercepts the actual OPEN process for a Data set. When a user application performs an OPEN to acquire data for an I/O processes then Compress will perform the intercept at that point. If Compress is "managing" the particular data set (Whether RAW data or Formatted data) it will only process the data based on the data itself and incorporate the compression algorithm. Compress will not recognize RAW data vs Formatted data. 

Keep in mind that if ANY data set is stored in your Data Lake Compress will only process the data when utilized within a application. In addition, if Compress is used to compress the data sets in the Data Lake then ALL movement of the data to other Lake environments will require Compress to be active in that environment and share the same Compression table definitions or the data will be in a compressed format.

If you are using Hardware compression then remove the Data Lake data from Broadcom Compress as a best practice so the data will be as protable as possible within the Lake environments and platforms.