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UIM - MCS CDM Enhanced profile alarms at the first sample


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NIMSOFT PROBES DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


A CDM CPU Enhanced Profile is sending an alarm at the first sample breaching the threshold even though the expected behaviour would be sending an alarm only at 5th sample. 

The configuration of Setup CDM Enhanced profile is as below: 

5 interval 

5 samples


With this configuration, I would expect that I would receive a breached threshold alarm only at the 5th sample. 

However, when I configure MCS profile this way, the alarm is received as soon as the first sample breaches the alarm. Why is this happening? 


This is working as designed.


Release : 9.2.0 / 20.x




This is, in fact, the expected behaviour In case of an enhanced template alarm is raised by the Alarm policy which depends on the QOS value published at each QOS interval (=1) which is equivalent to Interval Value.

When "5 samples" options is selected the QOS value will be averaged out for the last 5 samples and published at each QOS Interval and based on this alarm is raised.

Hence, for the first cycle, only one sample will be available and it will be published as QOS value.

For 2nd cycle, we will have 2 samples and QOS value will be averaged for these 2 samples.

So, at 5th cycle, we will have 5 samples and QOS value will be averaged for these 5 samples. Alarms will continue to be generated on the average of last 5 samples.