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Question on Backing Up and Restoring CAVIEW Databases


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The client wants to perform a point-in-time backup/restore of a View database, to a test LPAR. 

Would the View backup/restore utilities be used to accomplish this, or could a utility such as IBM's DFDSS backup/restore program be used?



Release : 14.0

Component : CA View


When copying a View database:

. . FDR or DFDSS can be used if the track architecture of the disk packs of the sending and target database are the same.

. . Make sure that all tasks are down against the sending database, including any CA Deliver RMOSTC tasks that do a direct-write to the database

FDR or DFDSS can provide a faster copying as simply the database extent data sets are being copied record-for-record.

SARDBASE ADDDS (DATA and INDEX) would be used to create a new database at the target location.

SARDBASE UNLOAD and SARDBASE LOAD would be used to unload the sending database and to populate the target database.

A SARDBASE COPY can be done, in place of the UNLOAD/LOAD, which is a DASD-to-DASD copy, which actually performs an UNLOAD/LOAD in that process.