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Unable to Enable introscope.agent.customProcessName in ACC Configure Bundles


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CA Application Performance Management SaaS


Trying to create a package in ACC for WebLogic. When altering introscope.agent.customProcessName under Configure Bundles,  the system will not allow enabling the configuration or edit it. Instead, a red box appears around the # 

What I am doing wrong? This works fine for APMIA and WebSphere packages. 


Release : SAAS

Component : APM Agents


1. Select Packages on the left hand side

2. Clicked New

3. Give a name - example "Test"

4. Unix was selected for this situation but the same will work if you select Windows

5. For Process: select WebLogic in the drop down

6. Click Customize on bottom right

7. In "Select Bundles" view (see below) 

8. In "Configure Bundles" select WebLogic under Environment(1) see below.  You should be able to modify the property and enter "Test" there (you can name it whatever you want, Test was just used as an example).  Once the package is downloaded, then you should be able to open up the profile and see the custom name enabled.


9. Here you would click Next and then Done.