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SEP WTR users connecting to WSS data center in a different country


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Web Security Service - WSS


Users running SEP Web Traffic Redirection (WTR) clients to Proxy HTTP traffic into WSS

Users found that they were 'Protected' by WSS but on a remote data center - instead of going to nearest data center, they were sent to one in another country

Users only experienced issue when on premise - when working from how, the users did go to local data center


Corporate DNS server forwarding requests into Akamai GEO location was in another country.


Modified DNS setup internally within organisation to egress from a local DNS server

Additional Information

Akamai GEO location setup resolves requests to the nearest service

Algorithm to do so is based on egress IP address if incoming request

Users at local office were having DNS requests forwarded to an upstream DNS server, which eventually sent request to Akamai

This can also happen for organisations that are using upstream services like Cisco Umbrella, where the Umbrella service forwards requests into Akamai. Need to know exactly where these Umbrella servers are located.