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How to determine the performanceCenterGUID


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I'm trying to use the documented technique for obtaining the performanceCenterGUID, but receive no output from multiple browsers (Edge, Chrome, Firefox) after entering 'admin' user/password prompt.

Need to add CAPM reports to Unified CABI Jasper Reports 7.1.1.

Is there another way of obtaining required information?


All supported Performance Management releases


The CA Business Intelligence (CABI) Integration with Performance Management (PM) steps require determining the performanceCenterGUID from Performance Center (PC).

This is a unique identifier generated for PC during installation and is used by CABI as part of the integration code.

Documentation suggests the following URL to obtain the performanceCenterGUID, entering the username and password for the default admin user.


If this doesn't work for some reason an alternative for collecting this value is running a MySql query. This is run via the CLI of the PC server in a terminal window. The user to run the command is the root or install owner user.

Run the following command from the (default path) /opt/CA/MySql/bin directory.

When prompted (the -p flag) enter the password for the MySql DB.

./mysql -unetqos -p -e "select SourceGUID,ConsoleName,ConsoleHost,Host,ConsolePort,ConsoleProtocol from netqosportal.data_sources2 where SourceType=16;"

Sample output might look like this:

Verify the correct PC host name or IP address is shown in the ConsoleHost, Host and ConsoleName values.

Additional Information

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