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Configure Policy Server (windows) to log to syslog


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Following the siteminder documentation (for Linux), under "Data" tab on smconsole , I got the screen where I can configure "audit logs" to syslog as Storage.

However, on windows policy server, there's no option for storage to save to syslog as shown below.

How can we do this on Windows siteminder 12.7 server?


Release : 12.7 or 12.8



Here is the analysis from engineering:

Syslog feature is available in Siteminder only for Linux and Solaris.

On Windows:
By default Syslog (system logging protocol) is not available in windows. Windows provides Event logger to store the system logs.
Events are logged to event logger in windows machine.

On Linux:
Syslog protocol feature is available in Linux machine. Syslogd is the tool in Linux that enables the syslog feature. Hence configure syslog to external store is enabled in SiteMinder for Linux and Solaris.

So what customer has observed is working as designed.

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