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Error with spUpdateLDW_SymantecDLP converting data type during RiskFabric Processing job


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Information Centric Analytics Data Loss Prevention Core Package


Step 7 (Run Loading Procedures) of the nightly RiskFabric Processing job reports it completed successfully but returns the following error in the job history:

Procedure=spUpdateLDW_SymantecDLP,Error=Error converting data type nvarchar to numeric.; [SQLSTATE 42000] (Error 50000)


Release : 6.5.3.x

Component : Integrations


This behavior will only manifest in an environment in which Symantec DLP incidents are ingested and an Integration Wizard (IW) DIM data source later ingests incidents with GUIDs for source incident IDs into the LDW_DIMIncidents table. When this happens, SQL no longer implicitly casts the SourceIncidentID field in LDW_DIMIncidents as an integer. This subsequently prevents a join condition on the column SourceIncidentID between the staging table Stg_SymantecDLP_IncidentUpdate (of data type int) and LDW_DIMIncidents (nvarchar), resulting in this error.


This bug is addressed in ICA 6.5.4.