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Netstat command fails with IPNS0806


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NetMaster Network Management for TCP/IP NetMaster File Transfer Management SOLVE


Attempting to use /NETSTAT to determine whether a new application is the one using a specific port as the port was not reserved in the TCPIP Stack.

On the Test System a NETSTAT SOCK STACK=TCPIP command showed which application was grabbing the port.
On the Development it shows an error 
IPNS0806 UNIX shell request OPEN has failed due to UNIX server start failed


IPDI5270 Checking UNIX System Services Interface for userid 
IPDI5277    Error: UNIX environment could not be established
IPDI5278    Error: UNIX failed, RC/FDBK=8/8, reason=UNIX server start failed
Maintenance level is below Complete GA; /PARMS does not show USS or ZFS parameter groups, so any USS debug messages are missing.


Release : 12.2

Component : CA NetMaster Network Management for TCP/IP


The CC2DZFS file was not rolled out with the Netmaster upgrade so is not available to facilitate USS functionality to Netmaster.


The CC2DZFS file is generated, mounted to zFS and populated during the install process. That SMP/E version of the file must remain mounted to the original path to facilitate correct application of future maintenance.

As with other runtime libraries, this CC2DZFS VSAM file must be rolled out to other systems.
To do so:

1. Copy the file to all systems using a backup/restore system such as CA FAVER, DFDSS, etc

2. Create the USS path and dynamically set up the MOUNTPOINT.
    The I01ALLOC job from the SMP/E install contains steps to facilitate that.

3. After verifying everything is working, create a permanent MOUNTPOINT in the BPXPARM.

Alternately, you can use the steps in I01ALLOC to create and mount the CC2DZFS file using IDCAMS and follow the instructions in our manual to copy content from one USS filesystem to another  


Additional Information

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