APM for SSO binary fails to install when executing the caapmsso-13.2.bin


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APM for SSO binary fails to install when executing the caapmsso-13.2.bin provided by APMIA 20.6 SSO bundle.

Where APMIA agent version is v20.6.0.28 And APM for SSO agent version fails to install and provides no install

 It fails as shown below

I validated that I have used the below lib on RedHat 6.10



APMIA is up and running with host agent and ports open for SSO




I am installing the APM for sso  agent as SMUSER, the same user is used for all of siteminder file and services.


We tried this with 11.1.4 APMIA and each time same result. The docs indicate that Redhat 6.x is supported.  



The only errors we can gather  are below:


[[email protected]]$ cat b842a5131735482a338.details

Install Log Detail:


15/07/2020 18:05:11:390

Check Disk Space:         /opt/CA/smuser/CA_APM_SSO_13.2.0

                          Status: SUCCESSFUL

                          Additional Notes: NOTE - Required Disk Space:112,401,173 Bytes Free Disk Space:38,034,665,472 Bytes






15/07/2020 18:05:25:435

Execute Script/Batch file:   Check if PS or WA is installed

                          Status: SUCCESSFUL





15/07/2020 18:05:26:020

Execute Script/Batch file:   Check if Linux machine is 32 or 64 bit

                          Status: SUCCESSFUL






15/07/2020 18:05:33:628

Custom Action:            com.wily.introscope.installer.validator.EPAgentConnectionValidator

                          Status: SUCCESSFUL




15/07/2020 18:05:39:856

Check Disk Space:         /opt/CA/smuser/CA_APM_SSO_13.2.0

                          Status: SUCCESSFUL

                          Additional Notes: NOTE - Required Disk Space:112,401,173 Bytes Free Disk Space:38,034,739,200 Bytes


15/07/2020 18:05:47:031

Install Uninstaller:      CA APM SSO(Install All Uninstaller Components)

                          Status: SUCCESSFUL


15/07/2020 18:05:47:088

Install Uninstaller:      CA APM SSO (Install All Uninstaller Components)

                          Status: ERROR





Release : 13.2



From Engineering:

We tried to install caapmsso- with a non-root user on multiple Linux machines.
In one of our dev set up we got one java related error.
We have compared those error logs with user provide logs. But those are not the same.

So, we have further analyzed the user logs and we are suspecting error is due to the default java heap settings for the installer is probably inadequate to complete the installation in the given environment.
The installer defaults to 16777216 bytes (16 MB) for the initial heap size and 50331648 bytes (48 MB) for the maximum heap size.
So we need to change the heap size value at runtime.Please follow below steps to change the heap size value


Invoke the caapmsso- installer with larger heap size specifications using the -jvmxms (initial heap size) and -jvmxmx (maximum heap size) options.
For example, the following invocation of the caapmsso- installer assigns 2GB for the initial heap and 4GB for the maximum heap.

./caapmsso- -jvmxms 2G -jvmxmx 4G

Additional Information

Workaround to install APM SSO. Not needed if do above.

1. Make a backup copy of existing files in /lib and /siteminder/config
     libapr-1.so.0    libboost_regex-mt.so.5   libicudata.so.42   libicui18n.so.42   libicuuc.so.42   libIntroscopeNativeDataAPI.so  libxerces-c-3.1.so
2. Move all files to be copied to one temp directory of your choosing
3. Stop the Policy Server
4. Copy 7 files to lib folder
     libapr-1.so.0    libboost_regex-mt.so.5   libicudata.so.42   libicui18n.so.42   libicuuc.so.42   libIntroscopeNativeDataAPI.so  libxerces-c-3.1.so
5. Do a ldd on library in lib directory lib libIntroscopeNativeDataAPI.so, all dependents should be resolved. (Please source ca_ps_env.sh before do ldd in the terminal. On sourcing, see https://ca-broadcomcsm.wolkenservicedesk.com/wolken/esd/knowledgebase_search?articleId=197952)
6. Copy the two files to  \siteminder\Config
7.  Change these properties in IntroscopeCAPIConfig.xml
     Set  file path to  SiteMinderPSdefs.xm
     Set epaAgent Host
     Set httpServerPort
     Set NetworkDataPort
     Set log file path 
8. Save the file 
9. The property value provided to log file path should exist and it should have write permissions to the user.
10. Do .XPSconfig to set the libEventIntroscoper.so path as per the docops. Once done, do ./XPSConfig again and check for sitemnder node in APM.
11.  If the Siteminder node visible in APM, start PS