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Attach priority to an incident


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Can we attach priority(p1, p2, p3,p4) to an incident that is generated by UIM.


Release : 9.2.0

Component : UIM NAS


- alarm customization


You can use one of the custom fields in the alarm, like Custom_1 and change it to Priority, then use a script in the nas to change it according to the action you want to take and the filters you use that may trigger the population of the field, e.g., to P1, P2, P3, P4, pr P5.

Under the nas <setup> section set this, then restart the nas and refresh your alarm view. 

      custom_1 = Priority

IM view

UMP Alarms View

But the scripting part is outside the scope of Support.

Recommend posting a comment to the UIM community on what you're trying to do.

Here is a good link to start with that appears to be related to this subject:

Additional Information

Here’s a script you can use as a nas preprocessing rule:


sev_crit = {["c1"] = "P1",["c2"] = "P2", ["c3"] = "P1", ["c4"] = "P3"}

sev_major = {["c1"] = "P2",["c2"] = "P3", ["c3"] = "P2", ["c4"] = "P1"}

sev_minor = {["c1"] = "P3",["c2"] = "P3", ["c3"] = "P1", ["c4"] = "P2"}

sev_warn = {["c1"] = "P4",["c2"] = "P1", ["c3"] = "P3", ["c4"] = "P3"}

sev_info = {["c1"] = "P5",["c2"] = "P4", ["c3"] = "P4", ["c4"] = "P3"}


   print("Got a level "..event.level.." event with user tag 2 value: "..event.user_tag2)

if event.level == 5 then

   event.custom_1 = sev_crit[event.user_tag2]

   print("Priority assigned: "..sev_crit[event.user_tag2])

elseif event.level == 4 then

   event.custom_1 = sev_major[event.user_tag2]

   print("Priority assigned: "..sev_major[event.user_tag2])

elseif event.level == 3 then

   event.custom_1 = sev_minor[event.user_tag2] 

   print("Priority assigned: "..sev_minor[event.user_tag2])   

elseif event.level == 2 then

   event.custom_1 = sev_warn[event.user_tag2]

   print("Priority assigned: "..sev_warn[event.user_tag2])    

elseif event.level == 1 then

   event.custom_1 = sev_info[event.user_tag2]

   print("Priority assigned: "..sev_info[event.user_tag2])




NOTE: This uses 5 LUA tables to lookup/assign the priority.