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CA Deliver - RMOCPP09 Message Appears in Log of Utility RMODBASE UNLOAD Without There First Being the Issuing of an UNLOCK Command


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The client was running the RMODBASE UNLOAD utility, and received a RMOCPP09 message.

They searched the system logs and could not find an issuing of command "/F rmostc,UNLOCK", which would prompt the issuing of the RMOCPP09 message.

Why is the RMOCPP09 message appearing in the log of a utility program run?

What is issuing the UNLOCK command?



Release : 14.0

Component : CA Deliver


When a utility attempts to get the Deliver checkpoint file and it is locked, the utility receives the RMOCPP06 message, then immediately receives the RMOCPP09 message.

This is needed due to the possibility that a client is doing recovery or repair work, after an abend that kept the checkpoint locked.

In the event of recovery/repair work, there should be a response to the RMOCPP09 message of "Y", to progress with the recovery/repair.

In this particular case, where there was no recovery/repair work occurring, it is recommended to respond "C", and to run the utility job later (after heavy processing is complete) or respond "N", which will try to get the checkpoint file again and possibly repeat the RMOCCP06 and RMOCPP09 messages.

It is recommended to only respond "Y" if the RMOSTC task is down and has the checkpoint locked, and there are recovery/repair activities in progress.

Otherwise, the checkpoint file is being forcibly unlocked, while a RMOSTC task has it locked and is possibly updating it.