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Analytics Backend does not start after installation


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Impossible to start Analytics Backend after its initial installation.

The following error is displayed in analytics-backend.log after setting "logging.level.=DEBUG" in application-properties

20-08-13 09:24:12.018 DEBUG 14689 --- [main] org.postgresql.Driver                    : JDBC URL must start with "jdbc:postgresql:" but was:

In addition, the following is missing in the first 3 lines after startup:


where <driver_name> corresponds to the Oracle or MSSQL JDBC file.


Only the PostgresSQL JDBC is found because the Oracle or MSSQL JDBC is not in the class path.


Release : 2.x

Component : Analytics / Analytics On Premise (ANOP)


Create the directory <Analytics>/backend/jdbc/ in the correct location and add the driver that corresponds to your AE database.