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How to instrument CA Service Catalog


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE



CA Service Catalog is hosted on an Apache Tomcat Java-based Application Server. The Apache Tomcat Application Server is a component that our Agents can integrate and instrument.


CA Service Catalog is hosted on an Apache Tomcat Application Server. All that is typically needed for Apache Tomcat Application Server is to add the Java arguments to files specific for this server. CA Service Catalog utilizes a wrapper to start the Apache Tomcat application. This wrapper uses a configuration file called viewService.conf where the Java arguments are specified for the startup of Apache Tomcat Application Server.

The file viewService.conf is located under view\conf\viewService.conf in the CA Service Catalog install directory.

Java arguments are numbered like the following


In order to add the parameter needed for Introscope integration, append the file with two new numbers. For example, if the last parameter in the file is numbered thirteen, add fourteen:



The numbers used may be different depending on versions and customizations. Use the appropriate paths to the files reflected in these examples.


Component: APMINT