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XCOM History DB schema details - xcom_history_tbl columns


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Need documentation on the fields contained in the xcom_history_tbl table for the generation of reports.


Release : 11.6

Component : CA XCOM Data Transport for Windows


There is no document that describes all of the fields in the xcom_history_tbl,

Look at the historyDB.sql file in the %xcom_home%\config directory you will see that most of the fields are relate able to the parameters you specify in the CNF parameters.

For example:

lfile is equivalent to LOCAL_FILE

file is equivalent to REMOTE_FILE

History reports can be generated from the XCOM GUI Get History tab and history records can be filtered.
Export it into an XML file and implement a query using that.
The xcomtcp -c7 command may also be used to retrieve history records.