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About "ADMIN_EMAIL" parameter of https://{Tenant_FQDN}/admin/cmsSettings


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CA API Developer Portal


When you execute https://{Tenant_FQDN}/admin/cmsSettings, the email address is displayed in the "ADMIN_EMAIL" parameter.
What address is this?

And is there a way to hide this?


Release : 4.3.2

Component : API PORTAL


"ADMIN_EMAIL" of https://{Tenant_FQDN}/admin/cmsSettings becomes "Admin email" set when creating the tenant. 
This is used for notification emails when creating users, so it must be an actual email address.
Also, it cannot be changed later.

In addition, it is the current specification that the admin email of the tenant is displayed in "ADMIN_EMAIL" in https://{Tenant_FQDN}/admin/cmsSettings.
Currently, there is no way to hide this.