Not receiving flows for Nexus 7000 Switch and "missing netflow template" error in the NFAparser report
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Not receiving flows for Nexus 7000 Switch and "missing netflow template" error in the NFAparser report


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Not receiving flows for Nexus 7000 Switch.
"missing netflow template" in the NFAparser report:

Unknown V9 Flow Set IDs detected - couldn't read 1248 flows (100.0 percent) due to missing netflow template(s).
Unknown flow set id: 257 - 1248 flows (100.0 percent).


How to enable NetFlow on Cisco Nexus 7000 series NX-OS Switch

Hardware Required: Nexus 7000 familyNX-OS Version: 4.0(2) or greater

Cisco's NX-OS NetFlow Configuration

Cisco's new NX-OS contains a completely different set of CLI commands versus the widely known IOS platform. With NX-OS, Netflow configuration is created by multiple mappings and record formats. These mappings and records are split into various types listed below. When moving from one section to the other, you should make sure you exit back to configuration mode form the sub-mode you are in.

IMPORTANT: VLAN interfaces that have DHCP relay enabled cannot supply inbound (ingress) NetFlow on Nexus 7000 switches. Cisco Bug ID:



In global configuration:
feature netflow
flow timeout active 60
flow timeout inactive 59
flow timeout fast 64 threshold 30

Create Flow Record (only if not using the default flow record type):
flow record [nameOfFlowRecord]
match ip protocol
match ip tos
match transport source-port
match transport destination-port
match ipv4 source address
match ipv4 destination address
match input interface
match output interface
collect routing source as
collect routing destination as
collect routing next-hop address ipv4
collect transport tcp flags
collect counter bytes
collect counter packets
collect timestamp sys-uptime first
collect timestamp sys-uptime last

Create Flow Exporter:

flow exporter [nameOfExporter]
destination [IPofHarvester]
source [interfaceName]
transport udp 9995
version 9
option exporter-stats timeout 60

NOTE: If using version 9 netflow, include the following command:template data timeout 300

Create Flow Monitor (references Flow Exporter):
flow monitor [nameOfMonitor]
exporter [nameOfExporter]
record netflow-original

For each Interface:
ip flow monitor [nameOfMonitor] input OR1 output

To enable Bridged Netflow on a VLAN(s):
ip flow monitor [nameOfMonitor] input OR1 output

NOTE: You can enter a VLAN range prior to entering the command above (i.e.vlan 1 - 3967 instead of each vlan separately)

NOTE: NetFlow is not necessary to be configured on loopback interfaces asno routed traffic should be passing on that interface type.

NetFlow Debug Commands:

show flow [exporter | interface | monitor | record | timeout] - Displays
general netflow statistics for the selected option
show hardware flow utilization module [module] - Displays information about
Netflow utilization in hardware
show hardware flow ip - Displays the flow records currently in memory (cache).

Online Information: Official Cisco Nexus 7000 Series NX-OS NetFlow

Configuration Guide

  1. If you are using ReporterAnalyzer 8.3 or greater, we recommend enabling both ip flow egress AND ip flow ingress on each interface and sub-interface.


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