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Spectrum Event Procedure unable to find interface if it is a sub-interface


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CA Spectrum


User has created an Event Procedure on a device model that uses the GetModelsByRelationId parameter on the HASPART relation id 0x10004 to find the associated interface model based on an event variable from the event that contains the ifName of the interface.

This works for most interfaces but does not work if the interface is a sub-interface of another interface.


Release : Any

Component : Spectrum Events


The reason the Event Procedure does not work if the interface ifName is a sub-interface of another interface is because the sub-interface model does not have a HASPART association to the device model. It has a HASPART association to the parent interface.


If there is an event variable that points to the parent interface and the sub-interface, then this can be done with two Event Procedures.

The Event Procedure creates an event on the parent interface model. Then, on that event, create another Event Procedure to find the sub-interface associated with the parent interface.

If there is no event variable, then this will have to be done outside of Spectrum using a custom Command Line Interface (CLI) script.