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Firewall Rules Guidelines for BlazeMeter Dedicated IPs


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How to open Firewall request.for BlazeMeter Public Cloud-Dedicated IPs?
What values should be provided for following fields in the Firewall request?

Source IP:
Destination IP:
Port :


Release : SAAS



Firewall rule guidelines for Dedicated IPs:

Source IP: IP address from Dedicated IP's list
Destination IP: IP address of application under test.-- webserver/application server
Ports: The engines running on your cloud instances with dedicated IPs don't required any additional ports to be opened other than 80/443 (HTTP/S), unless your scripts running on these engines access the application servers on different ports. Then these ports may have to be opened in the firewall as well.

Additional Information

The ports that need to be opened are any/all ports that are needed to access an application/webservice by a client on the Internet.

The BlazeMeter dedicated IPs act as web clients accessing your application/webserice from the public Internet - except that the set of IP addresses that will be used for any tests configured to executed on these dedicated IP cloud locations are known.

Whatever ports are needed (80,443 are likely but possibly others are required as well) would need opening.  It would necessary to know which ports would be opened to allow access by a normal desktop browser to access the application/webservice.  Typically the same ports would be needed when testing from the BlazeMeter dedicated IP cloud locations.

The client (test running on BlazeMeter dedicated IP cloud location) and server (endpoints that are being tested) need to be able to have a dialogue that is initiated by the client.  Network admins should know what this means in terms of the firewall rules they write.   Basically whatever firewall rules they’d put out there for access to the application/webservice by a regular browser is what they need to do for whitelisting the BlazeMeter dedicated IP cloud locations — just the client IPs will be different.