ARD 3.1 Filtering Subflow Blocks don't save properly
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ARD 3.1 Filtering Subflow Blocks don't save properly


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CA Agile Requirements Designer



Filters on the “body” component of the smart descriptions aren’t saved properly when you return from the filter selection to the main smart description window, and then aren’t applied - this especially applies to subflows-within-subflows - this makes many different use cases where we want to print out key decisions from inside subflows impossible


  1. Open a master flow with multiple subflows and decisions at different levels
  2. Create a description template that tries to choose individual subflows and their decisions to include to be printed with “Output Description” in the body
  3. Run the naming -> You should see the filtering has not been respected


Release : 3.1

Component : CA Agile Requirements Designer


This is addressed in the upcoming ARD 3.1 patch