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Spectrum event variables passed for threshold SpectroWatches


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CA Spectrum


Spectrum event variables passed for threshold SpectroWatches


Any Spectrum version


When a threshold SpectroWatch is violated, there are several variables passed to the resulting event. 

Event variable 8 - The instance in the table that violated the SpectroWatch (This is only if the SpectroWatch expression uses a list attribute from a mib table

Event variable 2 - The name of the SpectroWatch.

Event variable 7 - The SpectroWatch source value

Event variable 11 - "is" or "is not"

Event variable 6 - Operator (Greater Than, Equal To, etc)

Event variable 4 - The SpectroWatch reference value

The following is an example of the default threshold event where an instance in a table violated the SpectroWatch threshold:

The threshold of instance 26 of watch Test_Threshold has been violated on behalf of model Switch.  The watch source value 26 is greater than or equal to the threshold reference value of 1.

This gives the user the ability to process the resulting event in more detail using an Event Condition rule or an Event Procedure.

Additional Information

Please reference the "Watches" section of the documentation for more information.