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After setting the monitor joins option using the pdm_options_mgr command, the new value does not persist after running the configure tool


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Note: This document applies to 12.6 cumulative #3, 12.7 GA and above.

The preferred method of changing a CA Service Desk Manager option is to use the Options Manager.

However, if you are instructed to run the pdm_options_mgr command to install or set the value of an option, then, in some cases, in order for the change to persist after you run pdm_configure at some point of time in the future, you should ensure that the pdm_options_mgr command is run whilst Service Desk is up and running.

If you receive a connection error message when you run pdm_options_mgr, then it is likely that the "options" table in the MDB database did not get updated.

For example, if you run these two commands to disable the "monitor_joins" option whilst the Service Desk Manager service for the primary server is down:

 	pdm_options_mgr -b -a -t pdm_option.inst -s MONITOR_JOINS -v No       
 	pdm_options_mgr -b -a pdm_option.inst -s MONITOR_JOINS -v No 

you will receive the following message if the CA Service Desk Manager service is not running:

Couldn't connect to the server - Please check the network and that server daemons are running. (Socket error 0)

The effect of this is that the $NX_ROOT\NX.env file and the $NX_ROOT\pdmconf\nx.env_nt.tpl are both updated with this entry:


But, the database is no longer in synch and may still indicate that the option is either Deinstalled, or Installed with a value of Yes. When you then run pdm_configure, you may notice that the NX.env file is updated to match the value in the database.

To verify the value in the database, you can run this command:

 	pdm_extract -f "select sym, action_status, value from Options where sym='monitor_joins' " 

If the value is in synch with the two pdm_options_mgr commands in this example, then the output from the pdm_extract command would be:

 	TABLE Options 	
 	   sym action_status value 	
 	   { "monitor_joins" ,"Installed" ,"No" } 	

To ensure that Service Desk Manager is up and running, run the pdm_status command and verify that the expected list of daemons are reported to be "Running".

To verify the value of the monitor_joins option, log into Service Desk and click on the Service Desk tab so that the scoreboard nodes are displayed. Then check the stdlog of the server that is associated with the web engine that is being used for a message similar to one of the following:

 	domsrvr 3368 SIGNIFICANT domset.c 11619 Monitor Joins enabled 
 	domsrvr 5328 SIGNIFICANT domset.c 11775 Monitor Joins disabled 


To correct the situation, use the Options Manager under the Administration tab when logged into Service Desk Manager to change the monitor_joins option.

After making any changes to the Service Desk Manager options such as monitor_joins, be sure to recycle services.


Release: UAPMAC990JPP-12.6-Asset Portfolio Management-Asset Configuration