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Upgrading to SCM v13.0.4 - where to start


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CA Harvest Software Change Manager


When planning to upgrade to SCM v13.0.4, where can we find the documentation on compatible operating systems and databases, new features, problems solved, and the upgrade procedure?


When preparing for the upgrade of Harvest at your site, here are some links that will help:

Documentation for the latest release can be found here:

In particular, the Release Notes section contains the Supportability Matrix (compatible operating systems, databases, etc), highlights of the newest enhancements, notes on problems resolved, can be found here:

And detailed upgrade instructions can be found here:

Your upgrade will be done in 2 parts.  First you'll upgrade to SCM v13.0.3 which can be downloaded from the the download center here:

Then, you'll upgrade to 13.0.4 using the "Refresh Pack" patch which can be found here:

If the broker is on Linux there’s a “gotcha” with the odbc.ini file that gets delivered with the upgrade.  If your broker is on Windows or other Unix platforms this does not apply.  Here’s where you can read about how to get around it:

There is also a KB article detailing the procedure to follow if you are wanting to set up a script to silently install SCM Client on Windows machines.  Here is the article detailing that process:

As questions and problems come up while planning and executing your upgrade, please contact support for assistance.