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Encryption Management Server does not decrypt attachments unless they have a pgp or gpg file extension


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Encryption Management Server will decrypt encrypted files that are attached to inbound regular email messages.

However, if an encrypted file is attached to a regular email message and it does not have a file extension of .pgp or .gpg then Encryption Management Server will not attempt to decrypt it.

For example, if a file called testfile.pdf was encrypted with PGP Command Line or GnuPG and attached to a regular email, it would not be decrypted because it has a .pdf file extension.


Encryption Management Server was not designed to parse and inspect content.


Encryption Management Server 3.4.2 and above.


Request that senders of encrypted attachments name the attachments with a .pgp or .gpg file extension. For example, testfile.pdf.pgp or testfile.pdf.gpg.

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