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Replacing a device with the same IP


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CA Infrastructure Management CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration DX NetOps


Our network folks like to reuse IP addresses and names.  This is presenting an issue in CAPM where we cannot gather info on devices that have been used before.  How can discovery disable an old device and start using the new device in CAPM?


NetOps Performance Management 3.7


The device must be manually retired in NetOps Performance Management:

  1. DeviceA with IP is shutdown and deleted from Spectrum
    • DeviceA will show as down in CAPM
  2. DeviceB with IP is discovered in Spectrum
  3. In CAPM DeviceA with IP would still exist and show as Up after a rediscovery
    • CAPM would continue to poll - the same IP as Spectrum has but with the different name (I think I told you the device in CAPM would show as down - it would not after the rediscovery)

Retire the device manually in CAPM (Administration > Monitored Items Management > Device Life Cycle).  Then when spectrum sends the new IP, we'll create a new device in DA and start fresh polling.