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Error running the Spectrum script


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CA Spectrum


Running the script after a Spectrum upgrade and seeing the following errors:

  Converting select models to new model type: CheckpointFirewall.  Please wait...
---=== ERROR ===---
Error Code = 1
Error reading attributes from server
<ERR> Attribute 10024 is invalid
<ERR> Attribute 10009 is invalid
<ERR> Attribute 12a73 is invalid

Running "show attributes" on the model using the same user that ran the script does not display the value of the attributes. The following is an example:

./show attributes attr=0x10024 mh=0x42a85c
Id          Name                              Iid                  Value
0x10024     Community_Name

Notice the value is blank.

Running an "update attribute" on the model using the same user that ran the script results in a permission error. The following is an example:

./update mh=0x42a85c attr=0x10024,val=test
update: 0x10024   : No permission

Notice the error "No permission"


Release : Any

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


The Spectrum User model associated with the OS user used to run the command did not have permissions on the models involved.


Reconfigured the Spectrum user model for permissions on the models involved or log into the OS with a user where the associated User model in Spectrum has access to the models involved.

Additional Information

Please reference the "User Administration in OneClick" section of the documentation for more information.