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Default bulk_size seems to be one


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Should we stop using default as a bulk_size on a GET queue? When we use that value, we seem to always see 1 as the bulk_size. This causes some of our queues to back up significantly. Also, when I change the bulk_size to another value it doesn't seem to display in the status tab until I restart the robot.


Release : 20.1

Component : UIM - HUB


The default bulk size is 1, so for a GET queue the best thing to do is usually the following unless you're using hubmon/another utility to monitor the message flow traffic:

a) Sort on the hub Sent column to identify the hubs processing the highest traffic volumes

b) Click the hub Monitor button, let it update for a while

c) Watch the queues and hover with your mouse on the graph lines, and take note of the peaks (Avg number of messages received).

d) Set the bulk size high enough to accomodate the message volume. Set the bulk size anywhere from 999 up to 1750 for busy hubs. You can try a higher value, e.g., 2000, but if you see inconsistent results decrease the value.

Also check the release notes for bulk size (known) issues and notes on bulk settings.

For example in hub 7.97HF6, -> "Fixed an issue where the bulk size for a get queue was intermittently getting changed from configured amount to "blank". To fix the issue, on queue connection reset, used the configuration value for the queue bulk size."