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CA View - Query regarding View upgrade backout


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Deliver View


The client is currently running View/Deliver r12.0 product/code and is planning to update their View databases from r11.5 to r12.0.

Will they be able to back out to the original r11.5 databases, without any challenges, or would they need to consider backing out the r12.0 as well?

Also, is it mandatory to load the online panels/banner pages of the older release during the back out?


Release : 12.0

Component : CA View


If there is a need to back out a View database upgrade back to r11.5, please do the following:

. Using the 12.0 code level, run SARDBASE VERSION 11.5.
. Using the 11.5 code level, run SARDBASE OLOAD, to load back the 11.5 panels.

View 12.0 code is backward compatible, to a View 11.5-level database.

From 12.0, the next move up would be to View 12.2, which is a supported release.

In that instance, the database would need to be at least at 12.0, for compatibility with the 12.2 code.