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Password Sync Agent Silent Installation


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When executing the command line from the documentation, The password sync agent is still requesting information via the eTrust Admin Password Sync Configuration (Step 1 of 3) wizard to manually enter the hostname, LDAP port and Domain even though I already filled in these details inside the silent_install.conf file.


Release : 14.X

Component : IdentityMinder(Identity Manager)


Missing Declaration within the silent_install.conf


This issue is caused by not having the Settings Header declared (Bolded below) in the conf file. Please see the sample conf file below with explanations.

silent-install= yes
# Enter the Provisioning Server host name.
server-host= MyIpAddress
# By default, the Provisioning Server port is set to 20390.
server-port= 20390
# Enter the Provisioning Server domain name. Default is im
domain= im
# Enter the endpoint type that you want Password Synchronization Agent to manage. The supported endpoint types are ActiveDirectory and Windows NT.
namespacename= ActiveDirectory
# Enter the endpoint name that you had created in the Identity Manager environment for the selected namespacename.
directory-name= Active Directory
# Enter the Provisioning Server user name. By default, the username is set to etaadmin, change as needed.
passwordsync-admin-username= etaadmin
#  Enter the password of the Provisioning Server user.
passwordsync-admin-password= MyPassword

CMD Used:

Start /WAIT setup.exe /w /s /v"/qn LICENSE=Yes INSTALLDIR=\"C:\Program Files\CA\eTrust Admin Password Sync Agent\" SILENTINSTALLCONF=\"silent_install.conf\""