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New WLC Cisco Access Points appear in the wrong container


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CA Spectrum CA eHealth


Container X in Spectrum contains the Wireless LAN controller and container Y the Access Points.  Each time we install new access points at Y, they are modeled in container X by Spectrum.  Why do they not appear in the correct container?


Release : 10.4.1

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


This is functioning as designed.  APs are auto-modeled by type, based the information from WLC. These APs will be initially placed under the container where its parent WLC is present.


If WLC is moved to another container, APs also will be moved along with WLC.  The APs can be moved to a different containers by disabling below option.

This is documented as follows:

Moving Access Points (APs) with WLC
From 10.2.2, the WLC Manager includes the option to move access points (APs) with the WLC. When the WLC is moved to any other container, all the APs attached to it are moved to that respective WLC container. This feature automates the movement of APs across various containers. By default, this value is set to Yes. If you want to retain the APs attached in the  WLC container, then set this value to No, then access points (APs) remain in the same container, although the WLC is moved to a different container.