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Spectrum Online Backup Fault-Tolerant Database Synchronization fails on wrong port defined in .vnmrc


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CA Spectrum CA eHealth


Both Primary and Secondary(HA) servers are running on Windows 2016. We raised the ticket as P2 as we are engaging the vendor to perform application upgrade currently.

When running an SSdb Backup, the Primary Backup is successful. However, the Database Synchronization to the secondary has failed.


The Spectrum Fault-Tolerant SSdb Synchronization process (RCPD) log ($SPECROOT/SS/RCPD.OUT) showed the port was 0x0 instead of 0xCAFE

command: SEND

host:  <SpectroSERVER_HOSTNAME>

file:  /opt/CA/spectrum/SS-DB-Backup/db_20191104_1955.SSdb

rcpd:  0x0

procd: 0xfeeb


Release : 20.2
Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


The port used for the RCPD process is set in the $SPECROOT/SS/.vnmrc file, with the default being:


This problem is caused by comment (#) lines at the top of the .vnmrc file. When the commented lines are removed, then the online backup should proceed successfully and synchronise with the secondary.