CA Roscoe - New Security Enhancement - Support for Passticket Authentication


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CA Roscoe


APAR RO58078 SECURITY - ADD SUPPORT FOR PASSTICKET introduces PassTicket Support for CA Roscoe. PassTickets are cryptographically-generated, single-use passwords valid for only a very short period of time. They are inherently more secure than traditional passwords.


Release: 6.0

Component: ROSCOE



CA Top Secret


What is the Roscoe PassTicket support?

This solution implements support of the generated one-time PassTicket passwords with security packages CA TSS, IBM RACF and CA ACF2. You can use regular passwords, Passticket or a mixture. CA Roscoe calls the resident Access Control Program (ACP) for userid/password authentication to support this type of PassTicket login. 

How to Use PassTicket Support with CA Roscoe

Set up PassTicket Support in your Security System; It must be enabled.

You must be running External Security with CA Roscoe: a minimum setting of ACFEXT=YES and EXTSEC=TOPS, ACF2 or RACF

Apar RO58078 SECURITY - ADD SUPPORT FOR PASSTICKET for CA Roscoe must be applied

Generate a PassTicket

Use the PassTicket Generated in the password field when signing into CA Roscoe

Roscoe calls your security package to verify the password

Your security package will determine whether you have entered a regular password or a PassTicket and will process it accordingly