CA CSM - How Do You Install the FMID CETN600 ?
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CA CSM - How Do You Install the FMID CETN600 ?


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Looking to download FMID CETN600.  We have CA-CSM R6.0 and CA Common Services R15.0 installed and it did not come down with with either product. 

How can I get this FMID required for deploying software using CA CSM?


Release : 6.0



CETN600 comes with package CA CSM COMMON SERVICES FOR V6.0 
Please note: 
(1). CETN600 must be installed in the Common services CSI which means first you will need to add the Common Services CSI to your your "Working Set"
To do so: 1- Go to the SMP/E Tab
2- Select your CA Common Services CSI
3- To the right of "Working Set" click ADD

The install package can be found from the Products Tab under
Chorus Software manager 6.0
click on 0000

(3). To start the Installation, find CA CSM COMMON SERVICES FOR V6.0 
Click ACTIONs and select Install.
The Install Wizard will guide you through the rest of the installation.

Important NOTE.

(4). When you get to the SMP/E part of the Install, you need to select your Common Services CSI
Do not select the option to Create a NEW SMP/E Environment (CSI).

By adding the Common Services CSI to your "Working Set" you can then select it during the installation.

(5). After you have successfully installed the FMID CETN600 into your Common Services CSI, refer to the link below for the configuration




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