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XCOMU0602E General error in queue function; rc=0


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XCOM Data Transport XCOM Data Transport - Linux PC


Received messsage "XCOMU0602E General error in queue function;rc=0" when initiating a transfer using the "xcomtcp" command from a non root userid.


CA XCOM Data Transport for AIX r11.6


Verify the permissions of binary xcomtcp in the /opt/CA/XCOM/bin directory. It was noticed that all of the the permissions for every binary in that subdirectory was incorrect. That can happen if you copy the directory from another system. In order to correct that you must change the permissions of the xcomtcp binary to:

-r-sr-sr-x. 1 root xcomadm  3526489 Jul 22 09:56 xcomtcp

You can do that by issuing command:

chmod 6555 /opt/CA/XCOM/bin/xcomtcp


Additional Information

Please be aware that copying the XCOM directories from one system to another can change the permission of the files, but also the owner and group of the files. It is not recommended that you copy the directories. You need to make sure you install the product properly for it to function as designed.