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Process Monitoring count doesn't match with actual Jobs shown


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Looking into Process Monitoring, the count of the current jobs doesn't match with the actual jobs shown.

Here is an example, the total count shows 500+ jobs, but the number on each status doesn't match with that:

And also, some status are not shown under the general count. Here is an example filtering by ABEND, which result in 2 objects, but those were not shown in the original count (previous screenshot):


Automic Workload Automation - 12.x and above


This can be divided into 2 different responses:

1.- In first screenshot, the "Waiting for predecessor" are not considered under WAITING status, this is not an error, it's just because this status is considered under different waiting status, as shown here:

Since this status is part of WAITING (System internal), all objects with 'Waiting for predecessor' status won't be counted as WAITING.

2.- Some status are not shown in the initial status count because they are not part of the 500 most recent objects. On the screenshot, the 2 ABEND objects are older, so they are not shown under the first 500.

In order to increase the number of objects found, the value for GENERIC_ACTIVITIES_LIMIT can be increased.