SV Workstation: XML parsing error on seemingly valid XML.


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I am getting an XML parsing error in DevTest that I am unable to figure out.

'Failed to execute the XPath queryjava.lang.Exception: com.ximpleware.XPathEvalException:  Function Expr can't eval to node set

Steps we have taken:

  • We have VTD set as the xpath parser.
  • In the file lisa.xpath.useVtd=true
  • In the file lisa.xml.xpath.computeXPath.alwaysUseLocalName=true
  • We have deployed the AssertionPair.jar file into the hotDeploy folder, as the test uses a custom java DTO.
  • As a test, the xpath of true() was used, and it still returns false.  The assertions are loaded in the excel file (DTO) in the data folder.

I am not able to spot any invalid xml in this, and as such, don't know why I'm getting the parsing error.


Release : 10.5

Component : CA Service Virtualization


Sustaining Engineering provided a Workstation patch to address this issue. The patch is in the lisa-ws-xml-10.5.0.jar file.

If you are seeing a similar issue, contact support and request a copy of the lisa-ws-xml-10.5.0.jar patch.

The steps to apply the patch:

1) Go to Workstation machine and go to /lib/core/ directory.

2) Take the backup of lisa-ws-xml-10.5.0.jar.

3) Download the jar from the support case and copy it there.

4) Restart the Workstation.


After applying the patch, test all the scenarios.