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UIM-spectrumgtw generates SUPP type alarms in UIM when alarm is issued using nimalarm


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Unidirection UIM to Spectrum integration has been done so alarms generated in UIM result in alerts in Spectrum.

The integration is via the spectrumgtw probe.

With the probe active, if a nimalarm is issued then the new alarm appears in UIM and Spectrum but then, without any further action, a further SUPP type alarm is also raised in UIM.

With the probe deactivated, if a nimalarm is issued then the new alarm appears in UIM. There is no alarm in Spectrum as the integration has effectively been disabled. In this case there are no further SUPP type alarms raised on the UIM side.

It seems that some processing around the spectrumgtw probe may be causing this.


The actual problem was found to be with the ems probe in UIM.

This was adding an invalid entry to UIM nas_transaction_log table.


  • Release : 9.2.0
  • Component : UIM - SPECTRUMGTW


EMS 10.24T1 resolves this.

Please contact Support via a Support Case if you require this specific fix.

The fix will be included in the EMS 20.3 version that will become available with UIM 20.3