CA Gen 8.6 Accessibility Compliance for generated application types with user interfaces


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What is the Accessibility Compliance for the various types of CA Gen 8.6 generated application types which have user interfaces?
The Accessibility standard of interest is WCAG 2.0 or above:


Release : 8.6
Component : CA Gen Run Time


The WCAG standard (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) appears to be exclusively for Web Content:
CA Gen 8.6 Web Generation application accessibility compliance with the US Section 508 standard is located in this section of the documentation:
CA GEN 8.6 > Distributed Processing > Working With Web Generation > Designing a Web Generation Application > Accessibility

For all Gen generated application type user interfaces and Development tool user interfaces here is a list of their Section 508 VPAT (Voluntary Product Accessibility Template") compliance:

MF Block Mode Runtime Demo - Supports with Exceptions
Development Tools: 
Implementation Toolset and HE for zOS - Supports with Exceptions. However, including documentation the status is Does not Support
Nonstop 8 6 Runtime - Does not Support
Unix Block Mode Runtime Demo - Supports with Exceptions
Windows Block Mode Runtime Demo - Does not support
ASP.Net Runtime Demo - Does not Support 
Web Generation Runtime Demo - Supports with Exceptions 
Webview Runtime Demo - Does Not Support
Development Tools:
Implementation Toolset For NonStop - Does not Support 
Unix ImplementationToolset and CSE - Does Not Support
Toolset Build Test Tools - Does Not Support

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