abend (4038): CEE3501S The module TIRCIIMZ was not found.                 


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When testing an online Gen program, get the error:

abend (4038): CEE3501S The module TIRCIIMZ was not found.                 



Release : 8.5 or 8.6 

Component : CA Gen Run Time, Blockmode


The Gen runtime module TIRCIIMZ DLL referenced in the error message as not found is a DLL that is required for generated CICS (or IMS) Block Mode Enhanced Map applications versus Standard Map applications.   See the following link for those Gen runtime modules needed for Enhanced or Standard Map.

From the Gen 8.5 documentation titled 'Execution Load Library CICS' from the link: 



Additional information that may be helpful: 

- Either reinstall your module where the map is set to standard or make sure TIRCIIMZ is implemented in your CICS/IMS region.

-  Another possibility is that the screen settings was changed by a user.  Verify all users are using the screen map that works (either Standard or Enhanced).  Go to the screen generator options and set it accordingly.  Using 'Default' is suggested which will use the setting in PARMLIB(TIRHE) for TIMAPSEL.   This can be overwritten by a user in the screen generator options and is saved in the users ISP PROFILE.