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Installing an agent on out of support versions without install media


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Sometimes it's necessary to install an agent that is on an out of support version - for testing upgrades for instance.  In most cases, Broadcom will be unable to provide the media for the agent, but there is something that can be done as long as the version needed is already installed in a customer's environment.  It's important to note that this is not a supported or official method to install an agent.


To install an agent (example below is for Windows) without being able to download the media, the following can be done:

1) Go into the current agent installation /bin directory
2) Copy all contents
3) Create a new directory where the new agent will be (a /bin and /temp directory will be needed)
4) Navigate to the new /bin directory 
5) Paste the contents from the old /bin directory
6) Update the new ini file accordingly
7) Delete the .kstr file in the new /bin directory

Please note:
This could be changed at any time to no longer function this way
This is not an official or supported method for installation
On windows, this will not update the windows registry - the actual media with a setup.exe file is necessary to do so
The best course of action in any instance is to be on a supported, non end-of-life version