CA Gen block mode application screen problems after upgrade.
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CA Gen block mode application screen problems after upgrade.


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Gen Gen - Host Encyclopedia


After upgrading to CA Gen 8.0, 8.5 or 8.6 there maybe block mode application screen problems at generation or runtime e.g.

Screen Problems:

  1. Screen Formats

  2. Dates incorrectly displayed

  3. Function keys not working as designed

Error Messages:

CGB0076S Associated SCRPOCC object, id=2118253016, not found in index.
CGB0033S Probable model corruption. Check model for errors and correct.
CGB0003E Exception condition GBEX_TERMINATE has been raised.


Release: Gen 8.x
Component: CA Gen Host Encyclopedia Construction


Check the screen map setting.
The global default setting is Enhanced. It can be changed in PARMLIB member TIRHE with the parameter TIMAPSEL.
To resolve the screen problem, change the screen map from Enhanced to Standard OR from Standard to Enhanced on the "Screen generator options" panel from the "Application System Construction Menu".
Regenerate the screen and dialog manager and retest.

Additional Information

CA GEN 8.6 > Other Considerations and Construction Options -  see Construction Options > Screen Generator Options