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Trying to install a new v10.7 SP3 Introscope environment onto all new servers, with a new database.  Our database team tried to create the database in Oracle 19c.  However, when we kicked off the installation today, it failed and said "ERROR - Oracle Database Version Not Supported".   I checked out the compatibility matrix and now see that it only lists 12c R1, 12c R2.     So I first wanted to ask if Oracle 19c would work in a compatibility mode or anything?  Or do you know when it may be supported?    Please let me know.  Just now wondering if we have to move the database back down to 12c or not.


Release : 10.7.0

Component : APM Agents


- First install/upgrade to APM 10.7.x while on 12c. The APM installer does not support 19c.

- Then shut down cluster (EM, Webview etc) and upgrade from Oracle 12x to 19c. Follow recommended Oracle steps

These are provided as examples of what is out there. But talking with Oracle Support may be the best 

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