Integration between CA PAM and CA Treat Analytics does't work


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When trying to integrate CA PAM with CA Threat Analytics in the next step:

"Specify the CA Threat Analytics Server to Use 
Specify the CA Threat Analytics service that receives the user data from PAM for processing.

Follow these steps on each instance:
  • Log in to the 
     UI and navigate to 
     CA Modules, CA Threat Analytics.
  • Enter values for the following fields:
  • Threat Analytics Address:
     Enter an IP address or FQDN for the server hosting the service.
  • Threat Analytics Auth Token: 
    Enter the authentication token string that is generated by the CA Threat Analytics server. Get this string from the Threat Server administrator. This token is analogous to a password for access to that server.
  • Threat Analytics Service ID:
     Enter the service identifier string that is generated by the CA Threat Analytics server. Get this string from the Threat Server administrator. This identifier is analogous to a username for the server.
  • Optionally, turn 
    SSL Validation off
    , select this checkbox. This option is useful for testing.
    • Select
    • Test the validity of the connection by selecting 
      . Wait for a configuration message that the connection is successful."

      Shows the error:

      PAM-CMN-2032: BAPService.getRiskLevels called when CA Threat Analytics was not configured. Request ignored.


      It is a problem of the order in which the token for TAP and the test of the integration is done.


      Release : 3.4



      First hit "save" then "test" when configuring integration in PAM UI (Configuration --> CA Modules --> threat Analytics). That it, first save the token, wait for some minutes and then hit the test button.