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Identify custom indexes on Clarity database before upgrade


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We are an On Premise customer. As part of our Upgrade activities, we should do the following: 

Re -apply all custom indexes and customizations that had been identified to drop for this upgrade.

Please help with steps to identify the custom indexes before we upgrade.


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  • As an On Premise customer, your responsibility is to keep track of any custom indexes and remove them prior to any upgrade. Adding custom indexes is not supported, so the customer assumes full responsibility of supporting them. As a best practice we recommend to customers to:
    1. Always use a naming convention for all custom objects such as Z_ or similar that does not look like anything OOTB
    2. Keep a complete file with all custom objects and the order in which they should be created or removed. Ensure the file is shared on a shared folder in case you have to leave the company unexpectedly
  • In Clarity we do not have steps to identify custom indexes. Those should be in a file as described above.
  • We have one functionality that could assist with identifying potential customizations: Checkinstall possible customizations. However this should not be taken for a definite list you can refer to, it's just there as a guidance.
  • When you run checkinstall, files with potential customizations will be created. Those might include OOTB tables and indexes too. So the purpose is to create a list that you could check and compare with your existing customizations file as in step 2. and make sure you haven't missed to remove anything.
  • Please check your lists and see if any of those are known to you as customizations.
  • Note: Do NOT remove any database objects from the system that you are not 100% sure are a customization.