Received the following error in the DSA's Warn log while starting the DSA: Datastore size in MB is different from configured size.


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In the below example, the dxgrid-db-size is set to 30000.  However, the system that the .zdb backup was taken from, the dxgrid-db-size was set to 2048.

[64] 20200811.043326.878 WARN : Loading cache
[64] 20200811.043326.878 WARN : Datastore size in MB (2048) is different from configured size (30000)
[64] 20200811.043326.881 WARN : Datastore was created at: 20140528212039Z
[64] 20200811.043326.881 WARN : Datastore was created for: DSA-node-01


This can occur when a Database (.db) or a backup of the database (.zdb) is copied from one node to another.  And the dxgrid-db-size on the new node wasn't configured to the same size of the node it was copied from.


Release : 12.x and 14.x

Component : CA Directory


You will need to edit the DSA's .dxi file, in order to change the DataBase (DB) size.
- Go to $DXHOME/config/servers/  or  %DXHOME%\config\server
- Edit the .dxi for the DSA in question. 
- Replace the following the 'set dxgrid-db-size' with the DataStore (DB) mentioned in the warn log.
  In this example the warn logs detects the DataStore size to be 2048Mb.
- Make the following change to the dxgrid line:
set dxgrid-db-size = 2048;
As I mention above, you will need to set dxgrid-db-size to the size that's detect in the warn log.
- Then restart the DSA.