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Saved Lookup value is not displayed on a sub-page when saved value is ordered in a list greater than 50000 items


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Upon selecting and saving a lookup value in a list of items greater than 50,000, the value is saved to the field and you can see the saved value on the object list view. However on the object property sub-page the item is not displayed and the end-user will assume that there is no selected value.

The example described below uses a Static Lookup list, but the behavior is exhibited for other types of lookup such as a Dynamic Query Lookup with more than 50,000 items returned in the list. 

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create a (Static) Lookup list with more than 50,000 active items
  2. Create an attribute on an object using the lookup and place it on a property sub-page configured as a browse lookup
  3. Navigate to the object instance property sub-page
  4. Open the lookup browse window, select and save a lookup value that is listed 50,001 or greater

Expected Result: The saved value should be displayed on the property sub-page.
Actual Result: The saved value is not displayed on the property sub-page.

Note: with a Dynamic Query lookup, the symptom may not appear if the chosen value is not sorted in a sequence greater than 50,000, therefore the issue may require more than 50,000 values to be returned by the query to be observed.


The issue affecting Static lookups is caused by CLRT-73096 

The issue affecting Dynamic Query lookups is caused by CLRT-78265


CLRT-73096 : for Static lookups has been resolved in CA PPM 14.1

CLRT-78265 : for Dynamic Query lookups has been resolved in CA PPM 14.3


There is no workaround for displaying the saved value on the property sub-page, however, you can see the value in the object list view when you add the attribute to the list column layout.



Release: ESPCLA99000-14.2-Clarity-Extended Support Plus