TDM: Changing Table Alias at the Model Level Doesn't Change it on Tiles Using Either an Alias or the Original Name


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


I started testing the table alias. First after the model scan I edit the alias to Roys_customers and create find and Reserve model. The first model picks up my alias. I reserve some rows.

Next I go back and change the Alias to heralds_Customers. 1) the table name doesn't change on the original tile 2) I create a new tile and it picks up the name Heralds_Customers.   

It should cascade the table Alias changes to the pre-existing find and Reserve models for the project/version. 



Working as designed.


Release : 4.9.76

Component : CA Test Data Manager - TDM Web Portal


The functionality is working as designed. But the problem reported is valid, it would be taken care as part of an enhancement request.

Additional Information

Refer to user story US694380.